Daily Prompts Behind The Words. 

Image from a google search which led to http://capuano.house.gov/news/curtain.shtml

Today and yesterday’s Daily Post Prompts have me in a quandary. Yesterday’s word was Territory. Today’s Daily Post Word is Fortune. Is this to say that gaining territory is to gain fortune? Words have meaning, and when placed together, they have greater meaning. Whether it was the implied meaning or not, when someone else puts it out there in words and deed, it cannot escape your mind. Can it? The most powerful thing in the world is an idea. And that is formed by words. 

Thankfully, we live in a world where not everyone believes that gaining land, or money, or titles is the definition of Fortune. For me, fortune is when I see my three year old niece smile at my funny faces, or come running up to me and say, ‘Hug me, Papa!!’ Yes, she calls me Papa, and it brings a smile and Fortune to my soul that cannot be matched! 

What do you consider Fortune? Is it something that will still have value in 100, 200, or even a thousand years from now? If it won’t, I highly suggest you reevaluate your notion of Fortune. My time with my niece, hopefully she will take those memories and when she grows up and has a daughter or son of her own, she will carry on the notion that people matter. Time, laughter, friends, family, all matter.

 We live in a tiny two bedroom house. To my three-year old niece, that doesn’t matter. She is still fed spiritually and physically with all kinds of good food. She is bathed, she is loved. And to her, that’s all that matters. She doesn’t care that either my wife or I can’t be there every time she is around. She loves the times and memories with both of us. And she feels safe. To me, that is the greatest Fortune of all time. Mostly because for most of my life it was something I never thought would be possible. 

God is my Fortune because He directs my paths to places I never dreamed I would be. Uncle to nieces and nephews. A D.J. for a massively successful D.J. company (D.J. Systems, please google us for your next event, or ask me!!) And, most importantly, right now, God is preparing a territory for me in Heaven. A place where I will no longer be sick. A place where my body will be able to walk, run, dance and climb into all the farm machinery I could ever want! That is a fortune that moth and rust cannot destroy! And that is paradise to me. 

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