The Future. 

My wife and I are currently playing around with our television and movie viewing subscriptions. There is absolutely no reason to have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling Tv and a couple other movie services which are all available on our Roku device. So, some things will be going. 

And all this got me thinking, what is the future of our viewing preferences? As of right now, for $5-$6 I can rent for three days any new release movie available to anyone else. Why spend $20 to buy it? You may say, Well, if you want to watch it again in a week, or even two weeks, you’ll have to rent it again. Nope. With all these services it is also possible to buy the movie of your choice for anywhere between $10 and $20. Can that get expensive? Yes. It can. Or, you can be an adult and budget these things so it won’t break your bank. You don’t need to own every new release and film you want by next weekend. It takes time to build. 

Speaking of building, by doing things this way, are we, in fact, tearing down movie theaters? Will there come a day when you can simply say to your television, show me Back To The Futures 1, 2, and 3 on screen. And they will come up? Will there be a day when you can say this about any film you ever could imagine, no matter when it was created? 

Then comes the question of parental control. Will we reach a point in time when a kid can ask for any movie they want and it will come up? What repercussions will come of that atmosphere? Or have we already been in it all along? Kids will always be curious about things they aren’t supposed to see, right? 

I just wonder where we are going in so many different areas of our society and world. Are they all for the positive? Or are we setting ourselves up for failure? Vexing questions tonight, my friends. I would love to have a conversation with anyone about this at any point in time. I blog to hear your viewpoints too, so let’s talk about it. 

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