A Journey With No Passport. 

Image from http://www.villamargarita.com
What can I say about passports? I am really stuck on this one because as of this moment, I am a 41-year old man who has never had a passport and never had need for one. 

Five years ago my wife and I travelled to North Dakota for her 10 year reunion from high school. We were not yet married and she learned early on, don’t fall asleep in the car when I am not 100% Positive on where I am going. She said, ‘You’ll get to Grand Forks, North Dakota and see a sign for Highway 2, take that exit off the interstate and turn left, and then, just keep on going.’ 

We got to Grand Forks, I didn’t see a sign for Highway 2, so I kept going. I frantically woke my wife up when I saw a sign that said, ‘Winnipeg, 45 Miles.’ Now, if you know anything about the geography of Canada, you will know, Winnipeg is not right on the border. 

That is the trip we still laugh about because we almost needed our passports to complete it!! My wife said, we were probably close enough to see the border of Canada before I got us turned around! 

Marriage is always a trip, my friends! And it is a journey I wouldn’t want to be on with anyone else. Sometimes, I think my wife wishes she had a passport, either so we could visit other countries, or at least send me there. But, we are in this together, til death do us part. And no passport can change that. 

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