Nostalgic Feelings. 

When I think of perfume I think of the old school days when I would have to go to the twin cities for doctor’s appointments and we would visit a mall afterwords. I think back to the aroma of the perfume counters as it wafted through the malls. 

I was always so excited to be a part of the culture of the big city, even though as a child I was more of an outsider just passing through. Does anyone else remember the old mall days and the smells of the perfume counters in stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales? They bring back fond memories of childhood for me. 

All I got. 

Something’ stinks!! Spray some perfume on it and all will be well. 

If only that was true. It is said your attitude is like the aroma of your heart. If your attitude stinks, everything around you will too! You can’t just spray a magical perfume on your life to change it. You gotta do the work. 

Don’t Do It!! 

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So, I saw today’s Daily Post Word Knackered and I haven’t ever heard of this word!! 

Knackered means to tire out. In that case, go ahead, expend all energy completing the tasks set before you! Especially if it is in the service of others. That is the reason we are here. It is the reason Jesus came to Earth. Serve! Serve! Serve!!! 

But, there is always a flip-side to every coin. The flip-side to this one is to damage severely. DO NOT DO THAT!!! I do not care who or what, just don’t damage!! 

We need to rediscover a humanity that doesn’t wish to damage. All over we see a world that wishes to damage these days. We have become a knackered humanity. Is it just the American society, or is this something we see all over the world? We pollute our environment. We pollute our minds. We pollute our fellow human beings in word and deed!! 

All one needs to do today is turn on their Netflix and watch 13 Reasons Why to see the damage we do to one another. Seriously, if you have any propensity to any triggers in your life, avoid this series at all cost unless you watch it in a safe, professional environment where you can speak about the things put to the images in this series!! 

Do I believe this series is knackered? In the right context and in the right situations, no. It needed to be shared. We as humanity have become sick and without even thinking of it or batting an eye of disapproval, we severely damage so many people we have no idea what we do. 

We need to stop being a knackered society and become a knackered society that is so exhausted because we spend every single breathing moment of our lives, whether waking or sleeping, helping as many people as we can!! Now, THAT is a knackered I can solidly get behind. 

Can we create that world? If I inspire just one person to reach out to ten people and then each of those ten people reach out to ten more people, I will consider it a success!! Thankfully, Jesus looks at this and says, Just one, Josh, just one. To make a difference in the life of one, you can consider a success! Did I make a difference in you with this post? 

Go and make the world a better place!! 🌎🌍🌏

Safety Blanket. 

We love our comfort zones. The safety of a warm blanket. We can cover our eyes to the troubles of the world. We can make a fort out of them. A tent to take on a long journey. Blankets create warm, safe spaces. That is why we wrap babies in them. 

But what are we missing by not getting out of our comfort zones? What happens when we drop the blanket of safety and walk into the wilderness? We discover new things about ourselves. 

Samuel Keating had a way to bring his students out of their safety nets of conformity in Dead Poets Society. He taught them the joy of poetry. He brought the ones who didn’t think they had it in them to be thinkers away from their blankets of captivity. 

Here Is one of my favorite scenes. But to truly appreciate getting out of your comfort zone, I recommend you view the entire film. 

Consider The Mighty Oak.

It’s roots go deep into the ground, 

Holding it steadfast. 

It’s branches reach high toward the sun, 

Giving it nourishment and life given from above. 

As the mighty oak reaches toward the sun as if to say, ‘Hold me Daddy! Help me reach my purpose!’ 

We too need to reach for The Son and ask Him to help us fulfill our purpose. 

With feet firmly planted on the ground, only willing to move in His directions and outstretched arms reaching for Him to pick us up and give us our daily bread. 

We need to become like the mighty oak. Firm and steadfast in the business of The Son. Reaching for Him Daily so the storms don’t knock us down. 

Getting To The Root. 

I have had a couple times where I laugh so hard I black out. These last couple weeks I have had no energy and some tingling in my arms and head. So, today I bit the bullet. Time to get to the root of the problem. 

In the last couple weeks I have EXPONENTIALLY increased my water intake. That helped today. Today they wanted to draw blood. The test results from that showed nothing, but my doctor is still worried about a possible heart blockage or brain blockage with my shunt. I have a tube in my brain that drains away excess fluid around my brain. 

When we don’t feel bad, but we don’t feel quite right we need to seek medical attention to get to the root of the issue. Our bodies are designed to tell us something is wrong when we don’t feel in top physical condition. We are designed to be strong, but sometimes our bodies can break down. And we must listen to those signs. 

I am glad I did today. We don’t have a root cause of the issues, but we know they are there. My blood pressure is a roller coaster, interestingly enough. My doctor said that can cause some of my symptoms, but it is not the root cause. So, it’s back tomorrow for a couple more tests to find out if there is a blockage somewhere between my head and my heart. Funny, huh? I often speak of keeping our heads and hearts alligned with God. And today I find out there may be a road block causing my head and heart to not operate at full capacity. I hope that is the root of the problem and they fix it and it doesn’t escalate into other things. I am ready to feel alive and energetic again, that is the root of who I wish to be!!