The Woven Universe. 

It’s an interesting thing about Yarn. It comes in all sorts of colors and thicknesses. And if you know how to weave it together you can make something really beautiful. 

To me, this Universe (or even multiverse) is woven together perfectly and beautiful. The notion that all of this is some sort of cosmic accident is absolute ridiculousness to me!! 

Look at our world. Full of all sorts of different people. Different shapes and sizes. Different colors. Different ideas. And yet, we are all woven together. One tapestry of humanity in one Universe. We haven’t seen the entire Universe yet and we know it’s all woven together like a large warm blanket. But people keep pulling strands trying to unravel it. 

Maybe it’s secrets are what holds us together? And maybe just having faith is good enough. 

Nostalgic Feelings. 

When I think of perfume I think of the old school days when I would have to go to the twin cities for doctor’s appointments and we would visit a mall afterwords. I think back to the aroma of the perfume counters as it wafted through the malls. 

I was always so excited to be a part of the culture of the big city, even though as a child I was more of an outsider just passing through. Does anyone else remember the old mall days and the smells of the perfume counters in stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdales? They bring back fond memories of childhood for me. 

All I got. 

Something’ stinks!! Spray some perfume on it and all will be well. 

If only that was true. It is said your attitude is like the aroma of your heart. If your attitude stinks, everything around you will too! You can’t just spray a magical perfume on your life to change it. You gotta do the work.