A Few Hours Later. 

I have known the Daily Post Word Of The Day has been LATER for the last five or so hours. I have been busy with my bride working in the yard all afternoon, so, now it is definitely later than I wanted to be posting. 

It was not a bad day, other than these antibiotics are still kicking my butt and making me so very tired. At least I have been asleep by 10 or 11 these last few nights. And, I will find out in a few days if the antibiotics worked and I get to return to work. But, that will be a Post for later. 

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can get done today. And then, at the end of the day you will feel so tired from over working like my wife does tonight. I am truly proud of her. We cleaned leaves out of our rock garden area today. We didn’t get completely done, but we tried. We need to come up with a better method for cleaning rocks. Using a bucket and letting the sand and leaves float to the top worked really well. Then we thought, Hey, let’s try a screen and a hose. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. 

But, now it is later and we got a lot accomplished. All because we didn’t put it off until later. It was such a beautiful day here in West-Central Minnesota. Almost 60 degrees, sunshine, my wife got a nice tan, I burned the top of my head. Hats, are a must when you have little hair on your head!! 

I shall bid you all adieu for the evening. I am sure I will write about something else tomorrow, or at a later time. Stay tuned. And remember, inspiration is all around us. 


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