Prudent Spending. 

Prudent: showing care for the future. 

When did we lose sight of this? As I see it, we now live in a world of ‘what’s in it for me now?’ And that method of thinking will be our downfall. If we don’t stop and think what our actions today will mean foe tomorrow, we will fail. 

Sadly, I am as guilty of this as the next person. This morning I was surfing through our AmazonPrime subscription. I meant to view an extended preview of the film Passengers. My finger slipped on the next button and it moved to Purchase as I hit the OK button. Without meaning to, I took $16 out of my wife’s checking account. I messaged her about it because I know she is breathing thin air in prudent spending until Thursday. Of course, I did get a small reprimand. It was expected. I need to be more prudent in my spending from now on. We have debts. We have bills. And with my being out of work the last two weeks, we are spread extra thin. 

Of course, in the history of our country, The United States Of America, prudent spending hasn’t seemed to be on the forefront of anyone’s mind for a long time. Extravegent living, spend all you can because all you have is now, has become the way of thinking of many people these days. 

I long for the days of 50-60 years ago when our country was building towards something great and it knew that the work would take generations. Now, we seem to be far less prudent in our way of thinking. We no longer think of tomorrow or next year or ten years. And we need to get back to that. 

We are called to be stewards of this world and that REQUIRES PRUDENT THINKING AND ACTIONS. Is it possible to turn this ship around? 

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