Doctor’s Office Thought. 

So, as you know, The Daily Post Word Of The Day is Cusp. And I got to thinking about medical technology. I got to thinking about all the things that have been invented that saved my life. A shunt to drain fluid away from my brain because my spinal column is not fully developed, so it doesn’t work like everyone else. A bladder augmentation. I utilize an intermittent catheter program because my body doesn’t work like everyone else’s. I have had 2 bladder augmentations done, one in 1984 (ironically the worst procedure I can remember, and also the same year my wife was born!) to me that’s proof God knows what He is doing. And all these bad things have worked together to allow me to be here, in a doctor’s office, blogging about cusps of technology to you, at the age of 41!! Wow! 

Cusps happen all the time. Change. We are constantly cusping, reaching crossroads. The question is, do we change direction, or do we keep on going? Sometimes a cusp will take us over the edge to an unknown place and it may seem downhill. That’s okay. Nothing new was ever discovered without first not knowing it could be done. Don’t be afraid of the cusps of life. 

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