Waiting On The World To Change. 

All to often we say to ourselves, ‘I can’t!’ I can’t do that! It won’t work! It can’t happen!’ Why do we live in a world where we constantly deny our abilities. 

Henry Ford once said, ‘Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you’re right!’ Our minds create our actions, so quit living in a world that denies your possibilities and move beyond what you think you can do. Don’t listen to the world tell you you can’t do it! 

I am a mobile D.J. As far as I know, I am one of the few disabled mobile D.J.’s in the world. I hope there are more, but if I am the only one, or only one of a few in the world, I hope someone reads this and says, ‘I CAN TOO!!!’ If you want to see how far you can go you absolutely must break down the walls of ‘I Can’t!’ You must push beyond your barriers and see how far you can go. When you don’t deny how far you can go, your world and the world as a whole, will change! 

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