The Only Thought I Have. 

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The only thought I have with today’s Daily Post Word Outlier is, We all know one we can help. We all know someone who is on the fringes of our circle. If we are decent human beings we will speak with them. We will get to know them. And most importantly, we will love them. 

I  the vine, you are the branches. When a branch becomes disconnected from the vine, or the tree, it dies. This is not how God created us to be, and yet, we do it so much. Condemnation. Judgements. They all fill our hearts when we see someone who we think doesn’t fit our mold. But they do fit God’s mold, because He molded them into who they are!! 

When we don’t invite someone who is an outlier we deny what Christ calls us to do. I don’t want to do that. Do you? 

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