Phantom Of The Opera. 

I first saw Phantom Of The Opera in New York City 25 years ago when I was in high school. At the time, I didn’t really have a deep respect for the musical. But, over time I have grown to love it and Phantom is now in my Top 3 of my list of favorite musicals. 

At the end Christine says, ‘I gave you my mind blindly.’ to The Phantom. She fell in love with him even though he was deformed in his face and had never known love before. The phantom shows her love, brings her talent to the forefront and he wants her all to himself. To keep a person in a prison is not love.  Then, his love for her becomes so strong he attempts to kill her true love, Raoul. She sees this and realizes that the phantom is not capable of love, the true problem is in his soul, not his face. She sees the phantom is trying to force his way. 

I won’t give away the end, but I will show you the scene that inspired this post. Here Is the final scene. Enjoy. And please, if you have the means, go see Phantom Of The Opera at a theater. It will be well worth it, I assure you. 


One thought on “Phantom Of The Opera. 

  1. Phantom of the Opera is beautiful. About Phantom, I honestly don’t think Christine ever fell in love with the Phantom and I believe she did truly fall in love with Raoul instead. That was how I interpreted things. In my list of favorite musicals, I don’t know where Phantom of the Opera ranks, but it is one of my favorites


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