Whom Shall We Please? 

Another day, another word. I am pleased to offer you today’s Daily Post Word Pleased. 

  • feeling or showing pleasure and satisfaction, especially at an event or a situation.

I see today’s word and I, once again, have only one thought on where to bring any notion of inspiration to you. How often do we appear pleased at the outcome, or inclusion of some event and yet, in our own inner monologues,  we wish to be somewhere else? Surely, I cannot be the only one to experience this way of thinking. Oh God, get me out of here! Life throws events at us where we need to show being satisfied by an event and on the inside we are screaming. 

Trust me, I have worked for twenty years in the customer service industry in so many different capacities and I would like to say I have heard it all, but I am sure there are original stories out there. I have had my life threatened, that was fun!! It was over auto glass of all things! Yes, I have smiled through the terrifying phone call script of, ‘Hello! My name is Josh. Do you have any chips or cracks in your auto glass we can assist you with today? We will work with almost all insurance companies and have a truck in your area today!’ 13 years has passed and I still remember that script!!! 

I admit, my life has offered me many different occasions where I feel in over my head. But, I am pleased to say I have survived them all and at 41-years old, I am still moving forward and trying to be a blessing to others. In this way, I know my life will, at the very least, be pleasing to God. 

God tells us it is better to be pleasing to God than pleasing to man. After all, God always has a higher purpose for us than any human being. Where are you striving to please today? 

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