On Time. 

It is no wonder my career in radio broadcasting didn’t last. While I was in radio, I firmly believed on time was 15 minutes early and on schedule was late! I still try to adhere to that methodology, but there are times it doesn’t work. 

So, I have adopted a new method of thinking, it’s only time. Who sets the clocks anyway? My clock may, in fact, be 10-15 minutes ahead of yours. It may be behind yours. It is possible to be in a building with five separate clocks and each one set to a different time that could fluctuate up to 20 minutes, I have seen it! 

Why are we so concerned with time? We have approximately 80 years to make a difference in the lives of others. We should be more concerned with that than the almighty clock!! Time will tick away no matter what. Time is eternal. And we need to be concerned with the things that will last into that Eternity. 


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