Who’s In Charge?

Moods. Sometimes they can be happy or sad. Sometimes they can breathe the fires of the underworld!! Anger can lead to many bad things. It can lead to days or weeks of cranky behaviors. 

I used to have a serious issue with anger, but even my wife of almost 4 years now says I have mellowed out a lot!! I still have my days of being cranky. I think it may be part of the aging process and I feel like I am aging faster than I should be!! When we feel life is unfair we can become cranky. 

But we must learn to not let our circumstances dictate our moods. I try every day to have the peace of The Savior. He too got angry, but it was a holy anger. His Heavenly Father allowed these moments of holy anger to bring us closer to Him. Be at peace, my friends. When you feel the world taking you to crankytown, breathe and take some time to be with God. He will lead you beside still waters and restore your soul. 

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