Midnight Dreams to morning thoughts. 

From the files of weird dream world, I feel I need to share this one for the benefit of someone out there– 

I am a fan of Shipping Wars. I love that show. There is a shipper by the name of Marc Springer. Any way, it was like I was either watching, or may have been in, an episode of the show and he says, ‘Sometimes life throws you into some sticky situations you need to get creative to get out of!’ And the show proceeds to scene of Marc in a blue pickup, like he is shipping something. He is on the ice and his truck and him fall through. But then you hear the engine rev up and his truck comes blasting through the ice like a sea lion!! He falls through the ice a few more times and comes blasting through with a ‘YEEEEHAAAAW!!!’ Like a barbaric Yawp! and the truck spins out and lands on solid ice. 

No clue who this is for, but get creative! Your solid ice is coming!!

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