You want to get stronger? Trace your actions! 

You want to get better? Trace your actions. 

It has been said, ‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.’ I disagree. To get through the process a lot of times we need to retrace our actions over and over to improve and get to the end desired result. 

Keep tracing! Keep working! Keep fighting!! You are a superstar and with traced actions you will make it!! 

Without A Trace. 

You make a difference. Sure, not every human being in the world knows who you are, but trace enough steps and you are connected to more than you know. 

When you leave this world, there will still be a trace of you. Those who knew you, loved you or hated you, will not be able to erase the trace of memories with you in them. 

Your existence, whether you believe it or not, will make a difference in this world. What if your encouragement to a young person leads them to cure a disease? It can be traced back to you, as long as they remember where they came from. 

We are all like spiders. We leave traces of a web behind us. What will your web say at the end of your life? Can it be traced back to a great many blessings? You will not ever be able to leave this world without a trace. Remember that, and make it a good one.

Be Original. 

You are the only You in all existence. There has never been another human being ever with your experiences, your thoughts, your dreams, your fears, your goals and your vision. 

Often we trudge along in the footsteps of another as though this life is a constant snowstorm and we are blinded and trying to find our way. Our way is not another’s way. Don’t trace the footsteps of another and end where they did. 

It is perfectly fine to trace the footsteps of another for a time, but unless you go further, what good are you doing? Don’t go through life tracing an already existing path, make your own. How can you start that today? 

Explosive Demolition. 

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Detonate. To explode. I could sit here and write about bombs or explosions. I could talk about harmful acts that destroy property and lives. But, I want to go deeper than that. 

Communication explosions are a problem. If you let stuff build up inside of you and then unload on someone, I don’t even care if it was the supposed person who deserved it, don’t do it! It’s not healthy. 

Pressure and time sometimes create diamonds, but most times they create disaster. And human beings are so good at that. We say, ‘Oh no! It’s fine!’ But deep inside what we are saying is, ‘You didn’t care enough to listen to me. You didn’t care enough to truly hear what I was saying.’ It happens all too much! 

And what happens then? We build up pressure until we explode. You see, the human body is something like 90% water, right? So, when we hold back and let pressure build up, that water begins to boil. And then our emotions can explode. And it’s not always on the appropriate person. The person you wanted to unleash on earlier, and should have discussed the problem with is not always close at hand when you finally explode. 

So, what do we do? Communicate. Take a deep breath and use ‘I feel’ statements. When you do ____________ I feel _________. And then calmly discuss the options. This is the main reason for so many broken relationships in our human existence. People blow up! They explode. When we explode, our words are like debris that can fly anywhere and when they are in flight, it is impossible to ever take them back. 

I have had my fair share of words thrown my way and yes, years later they still can rush up on me and hurt. I have thrown my fair share of words that are like hand grenades that explode all over and they don’t care who they hit. Thankfully, God has begun a great work in me and every day I work at it and become more like His character. Am I perfect? No way! Will I ever be? No way! Not this side of Heaven. 

But if we could all realize we are all Warriors. We are all fighting battles and we have to know who our common enemy is. Satan and sin. That’s the enemy. He seeks to divide and conquer. And our words and emotions are two of the most explosive things he uses to do that. Can we help keep each other in check? I hope we can in a loving a giving way. 

Edification or demolition. Those are your choices every day.