Bitter Or Better? 

I am a Christian. I am human. I don’t always get it right. Day before yesterday I spent some time in bitterness because I had negatively affected some prom-goers by not having their requested music. And a few had no qualms about telling me they were upset. They were totally within their right to say that, but I let it bring me down. 

As a Christian, I know the cure for bitterness and feeling negative is Jesus. This life has thrown so much at me. A divorce. Hospitalizations. Surgeries. Unbelievable pains of all kinds. And it all means nothing. 

I could let all the roadblocks and pains I have endured in life bring me down and make me bitter, or, I could let these stumbling blocks make me better. Whether you know Jesus or not, we all have the same choice in life no matter what we must go through. Bitter, or better? You choose. 

Here is the inspiration for this post–



2 thoughts on “Bitter Or Better? 

  1. I am sorry they hurt your feelings about the music. You are obviously a very caring and wanting to do a good job person. You did well avoiding the “root of bitterness”. Not worth drying up your life and soul.

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