Wrong pursuits. 

I find it compelling about the human condition that when negativity is posted, or spoken, into the real world people gravitate toward it like a moth to a flame. 

A few days ago I posted about my negative reactions to not being prepared. Well, that one post, which has since been deleted from all space and time, generated almost 100 views by itself!!! Why are we so compelled to seek out the negative emotions? I don’t understand it. 

I want to pursue happiness. After all, here in The United States, we are garaunteed that pursuit in our own Declaration Of Independence!! Pursuit. I am a pursuer of happiness. But, like the film Pursuit Of Happyness says, ‘It’s a funny thing about that word being in there. The pursuit of happiness may mean that we never catch it.’ (Paraphrased from the film.) 

Just because something is not readily attainable and we need to work at it doesn’t mean we should ever quit trying. I would love to see my positive posts from today generate over 100 views and just as many shares. When we come across something that can benefit the world, we should pursue it and share it with as many as will listen. 

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