Been A Long Couple Of Weeks. 

I don’t know if anyone who reads and/or follows my blog has noticed, but I have not been writing much the last couple weeks. I have been really physically out of it and that has caused me to be mentally out of it. 

I have been having shoulder, neck and back pain along with head aches and some blurry vision and black outs (only twice, I think). I went to a local doctor and they say the diagnosis is Kiari I Malformation. I have done my research and it is quite common with people born with Spina Bifida. 

Even through these health issues I have continued to be there for others. I know some are wondering, you have been sick, why continue to push yourself? Because through Jesus Christ, my well is full! I have an unlimited supply of Holy Grace and Healing to provide. 

Even through my own storms, I will continue to raise His Name!! And He will see us through when we seek Him. Will you seek Him with me today? 

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