Life Is A Maze-ing!!! 

This is life. Twists. Turns. Dead ends. Blocked roads. Hills. Valleys. Wild life, it is!! And from one point to the next, we can never see the next turn!! It is a maze. Life is full of wrong turns and dead ends just like a maze. Sometimes we need to turn around. Sometimes we need to dig a tunnel. Still other times, we better get our climbing boots on!! 

This life takes work. We don’t know what can blindside us at any time. An illness. A death of a loved one. A disease. Unforeseen financial responsibilities. We get attacked from time to time. Life does that to us all. 

The key, my friends, is to not give up!! Life is amazing because it is a real maze! We must see it through. I wish I had their permission, I know a bunch of soldiers who are seeing life’s situations through as we speak. Cancer. Divorce. Heart surgery. Being apart from a spouse because of work. There are as many tough situations as there are people. But, we see them through! 

When life throws an unseen road block, we must see it through and get over it, around it, or blow that thing up and get through it! This world has never designed anything toughter than The Lord! He holds it all in His Hands. And for me, that is what is most amazing about this maze of life. 

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