No Qualms!! 

Today my wife and I drove to Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have two rounds of MRI scans today and tomorrow. The first one was completed tonight. 

I learned I have never actually had an MRI, at least not to my knowledge. I had to leave my every day wheelchair outside the room because it would have been sucked into the magnet of the MRI!! I said I wanted to see that happen, but the technician, named Tennessee, said he didn’t want to lose his job. Oh well, maybe someday I will be allowed to see a powerful magnet suck a wheelchair across a room. 

So, I had the MRI without seeing the awesome power of the fully-operational MRI machine. Tennessee said I needed to quit swallowing my spit so much, apparently it was playing with the clarity of the images. What were they looking for, you ask? Well, I was diagnosed with a Chiari I Malformation by my local doctor. I have been having head aches, stiffness in my neck and arms, numbness, and loss of strength. It is time for answers. 

If it is Chiari I Malformation the only way to solve it is surgery. And that may not even be a permanent solution! Turns out this is becoming common with people who have my birth defect. So, it won’t surprise me if I need surgery. I am actually welcoming it, which is odd!! I just hope the first surgery takes it away for good. I don’t want to go for a world record of number of surgeries. 

I have an overwhelming fear of operating rooms and surgeries. Terrified! But this time, I am completely calm. I have no qualms at all about this process! I welcome it. I have been working through pain for far too long, so it is time to fix it. No qualms about becoming whole again and becoming the man of service this world needs. I love everyone unconditionally and I also have no qualms about that! Jesus calls us to love. I wish we would all get that. 

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