Time To Breathe. 

The last three days have been an absolute whirlwind!! Day before yesterday my wife and I travelled 2 and a half hours to Minneapolis, Minnesota because I have been experiencing head aches, muscle soreness, numbness in my arms all the way to my fingertips and just overall not feeling well and having no energy. 

So, I first went to my local doctor and she said it looks like a case of Chiari 1 Malformation. A cyst in the spinal column. Okay, so we had her do a CT Scan. Those were the results. But, with my disability it’s always good to double up on opinions. My local doctor even said that. She set me up with an appointment to see my neurologist in Minneapolis at Fairview University. This doctor literally has seen the inside of my head. He kinda knows me, right? 

So, my wife goes online and books us a hotel. Wheelchair accessible, two and a half miles from our appointment. Not a bad deal. Except, the room was NOT wheelchair accessible and turns out, it was a rough place to be. Lots of shady dealings going on, if you know what I mean. 

Okay, so we get to the hotel, check in and find out the bathroom is not even close to wheelchair accessible. The lady at the front desk tells my wife, ‘Well, he probably doesn’t have one of the new wheelchairs and that is why it doesn’t fit.’ Praise the Lord for my wife and her ability not to smack the stupid out of some people!! She remained calm and explained my chair is two months old. And it still doesn’t fit in the bathroom, so we need to do something about that. Long story incredibly short, we worked around the situation. I ended up with some bumps and bruises because of it, but hey, I’m not dead. 

So, on to night one of appointments. My MRI technician was named Tennessee, NO, I am not making this up at all!! Really cool man who called me, ‘My Man!’ He had me transfer into another wheelchair to bring me into the MRI machine room. I asked, ‘Why?’ He explained, ‘Your wheelchair would be sucked into the MRI machine as soon as we cross the threshold of the door!’ To which I responded, ‘That would be AWESOME!! I wanna see that!!’ To which, my man, Tennessee responded, ‘My Man! I don’t feel like losing my job today!’ 

He was very hospitable and well versed at his job. You could tell he loves all people. I got to listen to Frank Sinatra while in my first night of MRI testing. Tennessee told me to quit swallowing and breathing so hard. I guess I was nervous or something. I fell asleep. That made it better. 

My wife and I went for a walk that night from our hotel. The neighborhood itself was in a business district of Minneapolis. You would never think that this one hotel is a magnet for shady dealings. But, trust me, it is. We went to sleep because we had to be back at the hospital the next morning by 7a.m. I have enough trouble with 9 or 10a.m. 7a.m. Is like forgetaboutit!!! 

We got up and running the next morning between 5 and 6a.m. Beautiful sunshine morning. Made it to the hospital about 10 minutes after 7, well, just because I was not sure where I was going. Which, evidentially turned out to be a theme of the days! 

I promised my wife I would get her out of the cities without seeing every single freeway. Couldn’t keep that promise! Testing and doctor meeting completed by a little after 1p.m. and so we were off. I got on to I-94 thinking I would take 394 out of the cities because it turns into Highway 12, which goes our general direction. Exit to get on to 394 is closed! Ok, I know we can hit Highway 100 South to Highway 7 and go straight home. Higheay 100 South Closed. Accidentally end up on Highway 100 NORTH!!! Only way out now is to go to 694 East to 35w South and then out of town!!! All major freeways have now been travelled on in 2 days!! 

Needless to say this two-day excursion was not what we planned, but we laughed through it all. I am sure you are curious, what happened with the doctor appointment? Well, turns out I have the smallest form of kiari Malformation 2 my neurosurgeon has ever seen, so it’s of no consequence and no worry. Well, what’s causing all this discomfort and symptoms then, J.C.? Turns out I have Degenerative Disc Disease. Let me explain, it sounds far worse than it actually is. The space between my vertebrae are disappearing and the bone is being affected. So, in short, I need surgery to fix the issue. That consultation for deciding what route to go has been set for September 8th. Why so long from now? Because it’s not going to deteriorate that quickly. All will be well, I just have to see it through a few more months. Life will go on. I promise. 

I have finally had time to breathe after the events of the last couple days and figured I would share it with you all. We all have battles to fight in this life and we never fight them alone. I wish Chris Cornell would have realized he was not alone in this world either. We must find a way to go on. Battles won and battles lost. I love you all and will be a prayer warrior for you any time you need. 


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