What Will Tomorrow Bring? 

I have dreams on my heart. I have dreams that today could be considered a farce! Everything that has happened throughout history at one time was considered a farce. 

Noah built a boat on dry land 

Jesus claimed to be The Son Of God 

Jesus healed people 

The Greek culture gave us government, a way of transporting water, plumbing, words and thoughts we still aspire to today

Planes, trains and automobiles were invented. 

Then we became even faster with better transportation systems. 

The Wright Brothers figured out how to fly! 

Howard Hughes figured out how to fly better and he had a hand in today’s space program with inventing satellite transmissions! 

Many people all throughout history have accomplished that which once was laughed at and thought impossible!! 

What impossible farce of a dream is within you this day? Make it happen!! Deliver your greatness to the world and change it for the better. You are not a farce! Your ideas, although they live only in your head right now, are not a farce!!!

Dream! Do! Live! Create!!!  


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