A Time To Let Go. 

Today’s Daily Post Word is Unmoored. This means to be unanchored. My first post was about how we need to be anchored or we will be a boat tossed in the ocean during the storms of life. 

Now, I am going to look at the flip-side of this coin. What happens when we remain unanchored, or unmoored, to our original ideas and knowledge? We have the ability to reach places we never dreamed possible. 

Imagine a world without electricity, flight, internet, medical technologies. That is exactly what we would have if people had stayed tethered to original notions and nay-sayers telling a dreamer, ‘That can’t be done!’ 

Cast off those anchors weighing you down. You have an imagination. You have it within you to change the world in some specific way. Reach for the places you have not yet seen and make those dreams a reality! The world could be counting on you to lose your anchor and not stay grounded in one spot. Let go and discover what can happen. 


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