No Anchors Away!! 

A life lived unmoored will toss and turn you. The trouble with being unmoored is when the storms of life come, you could be so overturned and off-course that you can easily become lost! 

We need to be anchored to something in life. For some, it is relationships. For others, it is helping those in need. Still others, including myself, live a life anchored to The Grace of Jesus Christ. Storms come, but I am anchored to the rock of Jesus Christ. I know He holds my future in his hands. Do I always do it right when storms come? No, I sometimes capsize my little boat and end up adrift in the seas of life. But, God always provides a way through the storm and I always return to the anchor, or I find a new boat and tie on the anchor of Jesus once again. As long as I have Jesus, I will never permanently lose my anchor and be unmoored in life ever again. 

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