Course Of Life. 

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I find myself amused by the last few days of Daily Post Word Of The Day ideas. 

  • Decend
  • Unmoored
  • Adrift

And today’s Daily Post Word Of The Day Catapult!!  What do all of these have in common? Motion. Decend, to drop. Unmoored, to not have an anchor. Adrift, floating aimlessly without direction. And then, today, DIRECTION COMES LIKE AN ARROW!! CATAPULT!!  

When we catapult something we fling it into the air forward with great force behind it! Catapult denotes distance. Catapult, to me, denotes force, unwavering trajectory! 

We can catapult arrows, rocks, words, in Monte Python they catapulted farm animals!! But everything is catapulted forward. 

Once an object or a word, or our own fists in anger are catapulted forward it is not possible to take the action back. Catapults don’t always need to lead to destruction, but that is often their purpose.  

Likewise, I think the other words I have showcased from this week can lead to destruction. Descend into an action we should not take, instead of taking the high road. Unmoored means we can be swayed by any little wave that comes our way because we are not tethered to any truth we can hang on to. It’s like we see one thing, but then, oh look! Here is another thing to grab my attention! And that is when we get into the trouble of adrift! We float aimlessly, from one thing to the next seeking what will make us happy! Destructive actions!! Catapults used to destroy us one action or word or deed at a time. 

Catapults need not be this way! I spoke to a dear friend this morning about what she is going to do after she graduates from college. She has her eyes set on a director position right out of college. I admit, I did too! Every position I held I was asking, ‘What do I need to do to get YOUR job?! I need to be the boss!’ I still fall into this trap sometimes today. 

Catapults draw us back. We need to back up and start from the low point on the career ladder. For some, it’s getting coffee, or filing the mail. Others, it may be repairing the equipment so we know how it operates and is put together. Still others, have to start out in the job where they are yelled at and demeaned by people who think they have all the answers. We are drawn back for learning experiences. I told my friend this very thing this morning. ‘Do I think you are ready for this director position? Someday.’ I said. ‘Is today that day? Sweetheart,’ I said. ‘You’d rock that position!!… In about 15 years after you have gained the experiences you need to fulfill such a demanding career. Don’t go looking for the manager jobs right out of college. I did that, and it doesn’t work.’ 

I did tell her to apply because it is a learning experience, but I also said be prepared to not be offered the job. To be catapulted in life, we need to be drawn back. And often times, that is back into the reality of where we really are at this moment. 

Move forward. Don’t be afraid of being drawn back first. Don’t be set adrift in life. Like an arrow, plot a course and an aim. Don’t be tied to the bow either! The arrow can only be thrust forward so far if it is tied to an anchor. But, at the same time, if you are going to climb a rope tied to an arrow, make sure both ends are securely fastened to a rock solid fortress. 

This life is going to take many twists and turns none of us see coming. Our bodies fail. Our careers end. Our relationships grow and change (sometimes in opposite directions) but life always catapults us forward. We can never fall backward into childhood or infancy. Catapults always move forward, and so do we. What’s your next move? Plot your course. 


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