The last few days I really feel like Big Brother Is Watching. I had an MRI done last week and they asked me what music I would like to listen to while in the procedure. I guess it calms people. Anyway, I said, ‘Frank Sinatra, please.’ And yesterday I had a new film in my Netflix pop up about, who else? Frank Sinatra! 

I know this happens when you like something on Facebook, because, well, that is the world we live in. Marketing is all around us. But to have Frank Sinatra pop up in my Netflix que after listening to Frank Sinatra in an MRI machine seems a little creepy to me!! And yes, the last couple days I have been listening to Frank Sinatra on my Pandora account. Maybe that is where it’s coming from. What is The Universe trying to tell me? I already have blue eyes. I can’t sing like a crooner, but I try. 

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