Far More Than Surviving! 

I will survive.’ That is not what God has planned for any of us! And yet, we use that phrase like a punchline. And it should be a punch to the gut! 

Survival means we fight, but we know there is something more, something better. I will survive says this is the only thing I can have right now. It fills me with sadness when someone says, ‘I will survive.’ No! You deserve and are created for so much more!! 

Crawl out of the muck! Crawl out of the things meant to hold you back from your gift! You were created for a purpose!! That is so much more than survival, my friends. 

Thrive!!! Not survive!! How do we thrive? We die to self. That is the ONLY way to thrive. You must become more than you think you can. Me? I want to create a worldwide phenomena of music and sound production. I am working toward those goals even today. One step at a time! When I become a household name and help people have the memories of their relationship events through music and sound, then I will be thriving. And what I do from now until then, in my mind, is far more than surviving!! 

What are your dreams calling you to do to change the world? When we do that, we are more than surviving!! 


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