It’s A Musical Journey. 

I am a huge fan of U2. In their videography of their Rattle And Hum tour in 1987 (or was it 1989, I believe it was 1987) they had an interview with a local reporter in Dublin, Ireland and he asked them, ‘What do your u think the movie is about?’ They all stared in silence, with a few chuckles mixed in and didn’t have an immediate answer. Then Larry Mullin Jr. Who is the drummer for the band says, ‘It’s a Musical Journey.’ Then Adam Clayton, the bass guitarist of the band says, ‘We’re not the same band we were when we recorded the War Albumn.’ 

And here they are, almost 30 years after that interview and they are still together. Talk about being survivors!! These days we hear of couples divorcing and bands breaking up all the time. U2 has been together longer than I have been alive!! They formed back in the ’70’s, I believe before they made it big in the ’80’s. And all this time it’s been a Musical Journey. 

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