Without A Trace. 

You make a difference. Sure, not every human being in the world knows who you are, but trace enough steps and you are connected to more than you know. 

When you leave this world, there will still be a trace of you. Those who knew you, loved you or hated you, will not be able to erase the trace of memories with you in them. 

Your existence, whether you believe it or not, will make a difference in this world. What if your encouragement to a young person leads them to cure a disease? It can be traced back to you, as long as they remember where they came from. 

We are all like spiders. We leave traces of a web behind us. What will your web say at the end of your life? Can it be traced back to a great many blessings? You will not ever be able to leave this world without a trace. Remember that, and make it a good one.


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