Not Another Daily Post! 

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It’s funny, the ebb and flow of life. For months I have not been inspired to share anything of my personal, every day life on my blog. Then today happened. 

I woke up as usual. Groggy and hoping a lot would be accomplished today. It’s a bright, sunshiny day here in West-Central Minnesota and I have managed to get my fundraising ideas off the ground!! 

My wife and I are walking (rolling in my case) in the Willmar Area Alzheimer’s Walk on September 30th. Only a few short months remain to raise funds for our event and I have a huge goal!! 

My page says I want to raise $3,000 but imagine what a stir it would be to raise $10,000!!!! That’s where the world comes in. 

A lot of us have our portions met. A lot of us in the world don’t. Earlier I wrote about sharing our portions when we have far more than we need. Investing in others. I have invested in many others over the years and it has brought me great joy!! 

Today, I am asking you to invest in the cause of Alzheimer’s!! We are raising money to help battle this terrible disease, because we believe ‘Everyone deserves to remember!’ If your daily bread has been met, day after day, and time after time, as mine has, I encourage you to follow the link below and donate to help us battle the disease of Alzheimer’s. We are watching my father-in-law in the final stages of this disease and I assure you, it is not something anyone deserves to ever be out through! We can end it! But we can’t do it without anyone and everyone who can jumping in the fight!!  

On my site you will see where your raised dollars are going. It is a safe and secure site many of my friends and family have already donated upon. I now ask the rest of the world, please help where and how ever you can. We are not doing this alone. No one should ever feel alone and that is exactly what Alzheimers does to everyone it touches. Please help. 

Click this link to help:
And please, share this post and this link. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will win this together and the portions will be met!!!


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