Portion Control. 

I am a fan of The Daily Post. I like be using their Word Of The Day idea. Today’s word is Portion. A person’s share. A calculated amount so everyone can have some. And we now live in a world where everyone thinks that should be the same. A Utopian society where everyone has the same amount no matter how hard they worked for it and no matter how much they have. 

Our society now says, ‘Everyone gets a trophy!!’ That is not portion control!! People who have lots get brought down no matter how much they give. I work for a mobile D.J. company here in West-Central Minnesota. I want to take it to a place where we have multiple businesses in multiple areas of the United States. It would be beyond my wildest dreams to see this company grow around the world! But, we are not anywhere near that stage. Portion control must also happen in our own minds, for a time, right? 

But, if we work for it and build the company, it can happen. Portion control doesn’t belong in a hardworking brain of an entrepreneur. When you have an idea, go all out! And don’t let anyone take more than their share from you! Give freely if you have more than enough. But don’t let people dictate that amount. God loves a cheerful giver. 

An adult can eat a larger portion than a child. When did we forget that? We are living in a society that says everyone should have the same portion of everything. What they don’t realize is, when they give an equal portion to everyone there will be those who are not ready for it and will choke. Everyone has their own portion, and it should be okay that for some it is less than others. 

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