Portion Gets Me Through. 

Yesterday, I reached the end of the pay period. My paycheck was deposited this morning. 

Yesterday, I had to purchase some much needed items and food to get us through. 

I bought the items and a pizza for dinner last night. I went to the check out. Purchased the items. I ended with 70 cents still in my account. 

God saw me through. God always sees me through. He is my portion. But it doesn’t come without consequences. 

I can’t just run around and buy whatever I want. I need to plan. I need to budget carefully. 

It’s not very often I end my pay period with 70 cents in my account. Yes, sometimes I even go into the negative. It happens. But I return to work. Make that paycheck and bring things back into the positive. 


Because that is the portion I have been given and I must use it wisely. And I must thank God for the gifts He has given me. The birds of the air, the beasts of the fields, and the fish of the seas all have what they need. But it doesn’t come without a struggle and a fight to survive. 

If you have more than your portion today, don’t be afraid to share it. God has granted it to you to use wisely. And that means being willing to help our fellow human beings. 

Portion Control 101. Here ends the lesson. 


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