A Child Can Lead Them. 

Live a life without expectations. When you do that you will always be surprised at the outcome. Will it always be easy? No. There will be moments of brassiness. There will be moments where you may feel like you are crashing against the rocks. 

But, beyond that, is the sweetness and innocence of peace. I have absolutely adored This video since I first saw it a few days ago. I have watched it nearly every day as inspiration. The innocence and sweetness of this ventriloquist is absolutely awesome!! And, forgive me if I am wrong here, but she is only 12 years old. 

Watch the video here and you will catch her name. I know she is going to be well known very soon!! And to think, God elevated a child to help us to hopefully once again learn innocence and sweetness. And most importantly, humility. She is so moved at the end of THIS performance I couldn’t help but cry with her. Enjoy and please, learn from this child and use today to be a little less brassy. 


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