Go, And Be At Peace. 

I couldn’t think of anything to write again for today’s Daily Post Word Of The Day Brass. So, I sat in the silence. No sound but the fan breathing cold air on my body, which breathed life into my spirit. Then, I came alive!! And it wasn’t a brass experience. Coming to life shouldn’t ever be a brass experience. Although that is what we are taught. We come into the world screaming and cold. And it seems that is where the world wants to keep us. It doesn’t need to be this way. 

Life begins slowly. It has a course and an aim which we know nothing about at first. Yes, that part can be a bit brassy. But, we never remember it because we are most often times held in the arms of loved ones. Doctors and nurses work to bring us out of our safety net and we are placed into the arms of loving parents who have waited months to see us!! 

And as I sit here in the silence, allowing my soul to breathe, I realize, that is God to us! We try to build our own safety nets. We try to figure out life and it can often be brassy and harsh. If only we would look into the loving eyes of our parent, God, and know He has us in His Arms. Life doesn’t need to be so brassy and rough. 

Take time to sit in the silence and you will hear His Whisper to your spirit. I promise. Don’t fill your life with so many harsh noises that you drown Him out. This world can do that. But when we do that, we are headed toward certain disaster!! Leave the steering of the ship to the captain and His crew, Jesus Christ. They have our paths set before us if we just sit silent and still and wait for His voice to say, ‘Go, and be at peace.’ 


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