Right The Ships Course. 

Image from a google.com search which lead to http://www.123RF.com 

Ever since November 2016 here in The United States it has been an absolute circus. We elected Donald Trump as our 45th President Of The United States and our country has not agreed on a single thing since!! 

And the worst part is, relationships all over have become nothing but brass!! Imagine a tuba continually making a sound like a lighthouse, but we don’t see any light through the harshness of sounds. We have become a ship, lost at sea and we are dangerously close to crashing on the rocks and all of us will surely perish!! 

Does that sound extreme and dramatic? I hate to sound so brass myself. But sometimes it takes a harsh sound to wake us up from certain peril. That is the course we have set ourselves upon and it is all because of the anger in our hearts. 

Is Compassion really dead? When did listening objectively to a point of view turn wrong? Now it’s just slinging mud and arrows at our brothers and sisters. Even those in Christ!! This is not the brass we were created to exude!!! 

Today, I will roll out of my house and I will practice Compassion brazenly!!! Brazenly unbrassy!!! That is the world I wish to create today and every day!! Oh, how I long for a world that will see the truth and way and act in love towards all. Sadly, it is getting worse and moving headlong the other direction. What are we headed toward?? Will anyone else see the lighthouse and steer us away from humanities annihilation?! It can’t just be one person to steer a ship’s course!! We all need to work together and toss off the brass to help us float!! 


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