A hundred years ago we thought the moon and all the other planets were distant, now we have travelled to the moon and Mars. 

Just over 500 years ago people thought all explorers were crazy, getting into boats and seeking distant lands no one had ever seen. Now we are still exploring but we have a better understanding of our world. 

Some people believe the world to be billions of years old, others believe it to be thousands of years old. Both theories cannot be correct. Someone is right and someone is wrong. Likewise, some people believe in a global flood, while others believe it was more of a central location in The Middle East. Some day, these questions will be answered to. 

How distant we have come since the dawn of humanity. I truly sit in awe and wonder how far we will go. Will we have the ability to see this through to any question that comes up? Or, will we fight over these questions and eventually eradicate our own existence because we cant see beyond our own views? 

Maybe it’s not all relative after all. 

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