Ironic, Don’t Ya Think?

Today is June 6th. I always celebrate my freedom here in America on this day. This wasn’t meant to be the original day for D-Day, but that’s how it went down in 1944. 

Paratroopers from the sky. Falling through deployed canopies by the thousands on to the beaches of France. They were not elegant. They were not dressed in their best. They wore uniforms that served the purpose of keeping them alive. If you watch Band Of Brothers you will see they were not natty, fashionable. They dropped in behind enemy lines, in front of enemy fire to get the job done on this day in 1944. 

1944, a few years before my own parents were even born, but I celebrate this date every year. I have respect for the uniform. I have respect for the job they did in that year until the axis powers surrendered. 

I find it ironic we would have a word that is about fashion on this day. Our armed forces don’t wear their uniform for fashion. They were it to keep us safe. Safety always come at a price. Freedom isn’t free. And we now live in a world where people think it isn’t natty to celebrate those who gave their all on this day 73 years ago. So, yeah, I am not natty today. But I will always stand at Post for what is good and true and right. 


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