I Love The English Language. 

When I write the word Polish, do you think of a shiny surface of metal or wood? Or do you think of a country in Europe? It’s hard to tell the context through writing isn’t it? With just the word I have to put meaning behind it for you to know what I want to speak about. 

She polished the brass surface, which incidentally was Polish in its origin. It was a family heirloom given to her by her great-grandmother who came over from Poland during WW II. 

See!! Same word, two completely different meanings. 

I once knew a woman from Poland who actually survived the concentration camps as a little girl. She came here to America in her late teens and lived her last years in the nursing home where my wife works. She wouldn’t speak freely about the things she had seen and I didn’t want to pressure her into stories either. She was a great woman who lived a long, full life and in the few short years we knew each other we had some great memories of spending time together. 


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