Soundtrack In My Mind. 

Throughout my day I have a variety of songs and phrases enter my mind. I wish I could post them all, but I would never stop blogging. I’d miss out on a lot in life that way. 

Out of the blue this afternoon I started humming songs from Miss Saigon. I can still remember when my mom and I saw this musical when I was in high school at Montevideo Senior High. Ah, memories! Those were the easy days. We never know how easy we have it when we are kids, do we? I wish I could say that it works that way for every child in the world, but no, sadly there are many who have many hard roads to walk in their young days. 

So, I am at work today and This song entered my mind. And now, I’m listening to the entire musical while on my lunch!! Are there songs that inspire you? Do you have songs enter your mind throughout the day? Tell me about it in the comments. 

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