Breathe It In, Not Today!

I live in West-Central Minnesota. During the winter we can get a lot of snow! Blankets of white, cold ice crystals. Sometimes, they are large fluffy flakes. Snowstorms that cause a lot of things, not all things, to come to a hault can happen. 

Today, is June 8th, 2017. And the heat is on!!! Not in our houses, but the outside atmosphere. It’s a Minnesota heat wave today and the next few days! Tomorrow and the day after we can easily hit 100 degrees plus!!!! 

With our state being known as the land of 10,000 lakes, this heat creates a hot, wet, humid atmosphere!! Very thick and hard to breathe. The air is anything but crisp like we say in winter!! 

If you are anywhere in the world that is experiencing heat like this, stay cool and hydrated if you can. I understand there are different types of heat in the world, but here in Minnesota this heat can be dangerous. Don’t breathe in the heavy air without staying hydrated. You could end up crisp!! Use sunscreen. 

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