A Love Story. 

Revelation. A revealing of a previous secret. Once unknown, now known, by all. Ironic, when we think of Revelation in Biblical terms, isn’t it? Known by all. And yet, still most choose to ignore, or not believe what has been revealed. 

We can see God in the very fabric of our day! For example, this morning I djayed a Color Run that was held to bring to light, or revelation the trauma of women who have lost a child in the womb. Excellent turn out for an excellent event!! Awareness was made through some very personal stories of truth. Revealed themselves through tears and condolences for their traumatic loss. 

The run itself was held off about 30 minutes and for good cause. Meant to begin at 9 a.m. a tree branch that would crush a car, let alone a person came crashing to the ground right where the race was to begin! Someone would have surely been injured had we started on time. God’s whisper? Perhaps. 

But now the story of truth has been revealed to you. Now, it is up to you to accept this revelation, or still deny. God is alive and loves us all more than we can humanly know. 

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