A World Triumphant. 

When contemplating today’s Daily Post Word Triumph, I can’t help but think of that scene in Happy Feet between the father and son penguin. The father says something along the lines of, the first part of triumph is to try and the last part is a little umph!! I am paraphrasing, of course, but it’s so true. 

You want triumph? You have to try and you have to work at it. We never get an Umph without putting in some work. That takes action, movement. 

I would love to see a world try to work together and give each other a little umph. We can triumph as a planet when we stop the he said/she said junk!! I am tired of the separation I see between everyone. I am tired of those who instigate these separations and don’t get called out. We need to call wrong doings wrong doings. We can triumph together, but the last part of that is us all being together!! Can we do that? Is that possible in our world? 


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