Father’s Day. 

Divinely Inspired again today. The Daily Post Word for today is Create. Today in The United States we are celebrating Father’s Day. Fathers create life for their children. 

Likewise, our Father in Heaven created all life on Earth. And I had a divinely whispered thought this morning, there are many who are mourning today because they no longer have an Earthly father. Maybe there are some who never really had a father, or a father figure in their life. That happens. Some men become fathers and walk away, not wanting to take responsibility. It is a sad state in our fallen world. 

However, we all have a Heavenly Father who loves us more than we can humanly understand. Love is not a human construct. Love is not even an earthly construct. It is created by God who first loved us. So, today, on this Father’s Day I want to bless those who may feel left out of the celebrating on Father’s Day. Maybe your father recently passed, or as I said, maybe you feel like you never really had a father. I assure you, you do. God is your father and loves you more than anyone can on Earth. Because He created you in the womb with His Own Hands. I hope this helps someone find blessing and encouragement today. 


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