Take A Drink With Me. 

Bottle. Holds liquid. Holds solids. In the analogy of one professor it holds liquids and solids. Large stuff. Followed by smaller stuff. Followed by smaller stuff. All the way until he pours in a beer and says, Always make time to have a beer with friends. 

Friends. Relationships. Emotions. All of these can be bottled up too. Although, it’s not healthy by any stretch of the imagination. Bottling up what we want to say or feel can be like a bottle of beer under pressure. Sooner or later it will explode. 

Don’t bottle things up that aren’t meant to be held in. Bottles are for transport and carrying things around. A few years ago God whispered to my spirit, In the airport of life there is no baggage claim. Leave it all there. Bottles are meant to be poured out. John Mayer put it this way, Say what you need to say.  

I know this may not make much sense, and it may seem like empty words. But now, the bottle of my spirit with the word Bottle has been poured out. Will you take a drink with me? An old or new friend? 

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