Relieve Your Mind. 

This world is full of many painful things. At least here in America we can’t look at any media without hearing every single day about some injustice taking place. Shootings, murder, kidnappings, rights being violated, traffic being blocked, protests, vehicles hurting people, guns hurting people, knives hurting people, people simply hurting people any way they can. You know what hurts? Hearing it every single %#?!+\< day!!!! Insert your own word there, I have many but won’t say them. 

Why? Because I need us all to understand, what we put into the universe is what the universe provides!! You will NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PLANT AN OAK TREE AND GET A FLOWER!!!!!! Our thoughts, our views, our feelings are exactly the same!!! What you put in, you will get out. Period. This is unavoidable truth!!! 

So, what do we do with all the pain, suffering, mayhem we see from the media? We unplug. We need to relieve our system and go out into the world. Be a part of it, but be a positive part of it. I know how it feels to want the person who did wrong to have to pay. I know how it feels to want payback. But this is the one area where we can truly offer relief! You want to relieve the world of its injustices? That’s AWESOME ON AN EPIC LEVEL!!! But you won’t do it by planting the same seeds of hatred and retribution and condemnation. 

You want to relieve the pressures being seen throughout the world? Combat it with the opposite reaction they are expecting. Do not fight back. Love. Understanding. Communication. Talk. Thoughts. Prayers. Actions. These things will relieve the world. 

Talk to your enemies. Jesus Christ was on a cross. Dying. For all of us. And what did He do? He talked. He talked to the men whose punishment was allowed by the law and forgave the one who said, ‘I am sorry!!’ 

1 John1:8 says, ‘If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. But, if we confess our sins, God who is faithful and just will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’ You want to relieve the pains and suffering of the world? Seek the only one who can. And when you encounter those who won’t? Show compassion and love. In that way, they will have at least a drop of compassion and love in their cup. That will relieve their thirst for what they never had before. And it may grow into something that could change the entire course of the world. It all starts with our own thoughts. How do you choose to think about others today? 

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