You Don’t Belong Here. 

Meddle. I just don’t like this word. To be involved in something we shouldn’t be. Every time I hear this word I think of the film White Noise from 2005. As you will see in the clip there is a blind clairvoyant who tells Michael Keaton’s character, ‘You are meddling.’ 

I am not the same man I was in 2005. I loved this movie. I loved the notion of electronic voice phenomena. But, life after death is something not a single one of us will ever fully understand on this side of death. We have our beliefs about what happens, but it is all taken in faith. We honestly do not know. 

I am a firm believer that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And when we meddle in things we do not, or more importantly CAN NOT, fully understand we are meddling. Meddling and dabbling. Bad ideas! 

Those who play with fire will get burned. Sure, we can learn how to do things, but at first it is mere meddling. When dealing with the afterlife, that is nothing more than meddling and we need to stop it. There are dark forces at work in our universe and they do not have our best interests at heart. Ever. 

When you have that feeling, We shouldn’t be here. We shouldn’t be doing this. It may be a good idea to listen to it because you never know what doors you may be opening. Another prime example, Flatliners. Wanting to know what is on the other side of death so much that you are willing to actually physically die to know. You could bring back your worst nightmare. Do not meddle in these things. Concentrate on God and where He wants your path to lead. 


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