Farm Kid Always!!

Some of my most fond memories of childhood are from this time of year and the fall. These are the times when farmers are in the fields cultivating the planted crop, and the fall is when they harvest. I have great memories of being in the fields with my dad. And I will never forget the fall night when I was 13 and it was my dad and I in a field about a quarter mile away from the farmyard and we had to get the grain cart and the combine home. I got promoted that night!! Granted, a person could have walked the distance quicker than I was allowed to drive the combine and I wasn’t allowed to take it into the yard, but I drove it to the yard. 

So, it should be no surprise when I am on YouTube, I am either searching videos to sing along with, or I am viewing farm videos. Tonight I came across something I have never seen!! Check out the rig at the 2 minute mark. I think they are harvesting rice? That combine is AWESOME!! 

Check out the whole video, Here.


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