Fill My Heart With Song!!

I love music!! I love Contemporary Christian, I love Frank Sinatra, I even love some Country music!! Any decade? Yep! I gotta have my fill of anything from the 20th century!! 

Tonight, this song has been in my head as I prepare to D.J. yet another wedding here in Minnesota!! I had a nice conversation with the wedding couple tonight after work to clarify the last minute details and see if there was anything I was forgetting. Nope! Easy going, laid back couple again! I love when wedding parties come together like this!! Anyway, just had to share a Frank Sinatra Favorite with everyone in the world who happens to be a part of blogland!! I love you all! Make tonight and tomorrow awesome!! 


3 thoughts on “Fill My Heart With Song!!

  1. There’s nothing like music for the soul. Some of my fondest memories spent with my beloved grandfathers’ are flooded with the music of Bob Seger and Hall and Oates. Hearing those songs immediately brings me back in time and helps me to feel connected to each of my grandfathers’ from Heaven.

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