This Or That. 

I find it interesting when I go to and I type in Commit Definition. It has two separate, but equal entries. 

One is to commit to something worthwhile, a bond, unbreakable to a person or certain course, or policy. 

The other is to carry out, or perpetrate. And in parentheses it says, crime, mistake, or immoral act. And that second definition is why I am probably going to take a hiatus from Facebook. I will still post positive things, I will still post prayer requests I receive by private message, but I am done reading and participating in all the vitriol and hatred towards our fellow human beings. The sad part is, it is coming from all over! People who profess to be Christians should never use the word Hate. The Bible tells us that hatred is the same as murder. We are to hate the sin, but love the sinner. And I think we all too often get this so terribly wrong. 

If our actions and words are not leading every single person we come in contact with to the cross, we have it wrong. Dead. Wrong. And this isn’t just some game of who gets more points for Jesus. This is Eternal. If we get this wrong, people die and spend an eternity away from Jesus. 

I am committed (the good side of the definition) to as many people as I can to know the character of Jesus. Do I have it all figured out myself? No. Do I still fall short every single day and in all days more than once? Yep. Sure do! But, every time I lose focus, I look back to the cross. I see Jesus rising above it. And I commit to rising above the stuff of this world too. 

So, I commit (an ubreakable bond) to you (all persons of this world I can reach) that I will do what I can to help you see and know the true character of Jesus Christ. He IS alive! He IS well!! And He Is in power over everything this world wishes to destroy. I will carry out (commit) to being who Jesus wants me to be to show His love to all. There is no other choice. It isn’t this or that. It isn’t the good of commit, or the bad. It’s just committing to you being in Eternity to see me walk one day. To THAT, I commit my soul. 

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