Awesome Days!! 

I had the honor of being awakened by my Heavenly Father this morning. You may say, ‘Well, what’s the big deal with that?’ I had the honor yesterday of Djaying a 10-year recommitment ceremony in Redwood Falls, Minnesota. Absolutely beautiful park called Ramsey Park there and I gotta tell ya, they care about all abilities and disabilities. The town, or would it be the state, I honestly don’t know if it is a state park or not. Anyway, they have taken the cost and time to put in paved trails and sidewalks throughout the majestic, picturesque landscape of the riverside and falls. Absolutely stunning!! 

I was allowed to shut down the party early, which got me home about an hour or so earlier than I had anticipated. This allowed me adequate sleep so God said, ‘Wake up, go to church.’ When I arrived I had the awesome blessing of hearing my dad give the message. I love my dad’s faith! Truly a role-model of what and whom Jesus IS, bot was, IS. Jesus is still alive today and works in those of us who get out of the way and let Him make the changes we need to draw us closer to Him. 

It has truly been a blessing of a weekend. 

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